Friday, October 23, 2009

Class Party

Here are the details for our class party~

Venue: Wan Jin's house
Time: 4.30pm -10pm
Date: 7th November 2009

There will be steamboat ^^.

* Please pay Hui Li Rm2.40 for food and stuff

Everyone, please come come! =D

(Here's what I know. Anyone feel free to add or correct)

Friday, September 18, 2009

4s2 unite!

hi all ^_^
it's holidays again! so...happy holidays!!!
how was chemistry 2?
i think it's so tough T_T
by the way... what happened to our 4s2 spirit!
because of the exams perhaps? >_<
let's make this year a memorable one before it ends!
i saw Ms. Koh's posts on 4s1's class blog...
hmm...i miss Ms. Hua =(
wondering if Ms. Hua knows about our blog...
and whether she has an e-mail address

Let's make a video for Ms. Hua ok?!?! =D=D
since we can't see her in school anymore... =(
we need at least 22 classmates to join this project!
[we can post it here then inform her about it ]

zhi min & yeesim =D!!
don't post on the chat box ler haha...
come post here~ whee~~~

sorry about the grammatical errors i don't usually blog in english...
hehe >_<

~Xue Ying ^_^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

as our beloved Miss Hua said..
go have some fun because it's the holidays anyway!

Don't become like the guy below ah...
and those puasa ones gambateh oh :D

oh..someone please come up with an idea how to prevent outsiders from deleting our posts. :[
and and all 4s2ians please keep our blog alive okay! :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cool the Pace.

Hello people.

First and the main point,

I would like to thank everybody for their help in the cans collecting campaign, and newspaper campaign. This really shows the spirit we have. Many of you have put in a lot of effort in the newspaper collection. I'm glad everyone had fun doing it, and so did I. (:

I hope we keep this spirit in the upcoming activities. Recently, Wan Jin asked me if we would like to have a half day trip for the class. She was suggesting to go to the Museum for our Sivik project, but my team had already done so. I was thinking, why not organize a half day trip, party, karaoke or some sort, just to have fun and break free from the hectic schedules. Do suggest! I don't think this would happen anytime soon, but start deciding. =D

Anyway. Very random but,

Lee Hom. 2009. This Saturday. That's the bomb.

Don't miss it. (:


Do come to the interact carnival and support a booth that Yuli and I with a buncha other friends are in charge of, called,

Hit the QQ.

So, come, and hit the QQ!

hui li

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Newspaper Collection OUG(ii)

one kind auntie belanja us some packet drinks

group photo taken with newspaper collected in wan jin's house.
lots of newspaper in Hui Li's car

Wan Jin and Valerie wearing Let's Go Green Shirt!

Photo taken with the very 1st auntie that donated her newspaper to us.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

OUG newspaper collection (;

After lunch, we (hui li, yu li, zhimin, an yi, min ji, steph, wan jin, valerie, ye shan, ee jay) gathered at round table and we headed to wanjin's house. ;D

we take a few jump shot while waiting others to arrive (;

see how childish they are? =p

Then, we seperated into two groups. Well, let the pics say the words. (;

*ta-da* the whole crew (;

Here are the photographs taken during class today. (;


That's all.
enjoy! (;
p/s: please update if you all have other pics. (;

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